Local Rides

Check this page often for updated listings of all types of cycling events in and around our area.

Rides require, at minimum, an appropriate bike in good working order, water, and a helmet. We suggest a spare tube, energy food, maybe a little cash in case we stop, and your biggest smile! Many rides are held subject to weather. It’s a good idea to confirm dates, time and any specific requirements, too. We’ll see you out there — and have fun!

Our Weekly Group Rides and Routes

Join us and other bike clubs on one of these fun rides. Whether you are new to cycling or an old pro, there is a ride that’s right for you.

Day Start Time Description Location Phone
Wednesdays (In Season) 6:00 pm Village Idiots Wed Night Worlds – 20,25,30,35 mile routes, A,B,C,D Groups Village Bikes – LWR 941.388.0550
Sunday 7:00 am OPEN – 34+ miles, moderate B level group; call shop for weekly route details Village Bikes – SRQ 941.366-7702
Legacy Trail Sarasota to Venice 941.366-7702
Venice Venetian Trail Venice, FL 941.366-7702
Every Saturday 7:30 am VI Bacon Ride – 20,25,30,35 mile routes, A,B,C,D Groups Village Bikes – LWR 941.388.0550

Upcoming Cycling Events

Check our Facebook Pages for upcoming charity and local club rides as the information changes quickly.

Ride and Event Disclaimer

You must wear a helmet to attend the shop rides. If you arrive without a helmet you will not be permitted to ride with the group – this is for your own safety.

You must ride responsibly and show respect to all others.

Although there will be experienced riders present, able to help you with problems, you are responsible for the upkeep of your bike and must turn up to rides with it well maintained. A badly maintained bike will be a liability to yourself and an annoyance to the others.
Ride within your own limitations. If you think the ride is too difficult, do not be influenced by other riders to attempt it. The responsibility of negotiating any corner, turn or other hazard must rest with the rider.

The function of the ride leader of the ride is to do no more than indicate the route direction.
The rides involve the use of public roads. Each rider must assume individual responsibility for his/her own safety in relation to other traffic and abide by the law of the land relating to road traffic.

Any person participating in a ride does so without any liability whatsoever on the part of the Village Bikes and those leading the ride on behalf of the Village Bikes in respect of any injury, loss or damage suffered, however caused.